You'll find here links to all (or part at this moment) our projects, in development or already released. You'll be able to access a lot of informations, including the history of the project, the documentation on-line, the source if available, screenshots and more. You will see that we have a lot of ideas but... unfortunately, we don't have enough time to develop them all at the same time ! You can download all these files from the download page.


TI92+/89 AS92 A 68000 assembler


THE Archive Utility v3.00
TI92+/89 DB92 A powerfull debugger by Tleilax
92/92+/89 SupercarII A car racing game
PC TI92DASM A powerfull DoorsOS disassembler
PC Tiger A TI92 emulator
TI92+ VI92 VI (Text viewer/Editor)
TI92+/89 3DLib A fast 3D polygonal library
JVM* PICDebugger A full-featured PIC debugger
JVM* 2DFFT A 2D FFT demonstration

*JVM : Java Virtual Machine


TI92 128Kb MU 128Kb Memory Upgrade
92/92+/(89) Mapped Devices in Memory Map other devices into your TI !


Real Time Clock !
92/92+/(89) An other RTC An other Real Time Clock :)
89/92/92+ External Keyboard External keyboard controlled by PIC

DBA []