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    AS92 is an on-board assembler/linker for the TI92+/89 calculators. It features, DoorsOS header compatible, no stub option, symbolic informations support for use with DB92, and some other interesting capabilities. It requires the latest version of DoorsOS and no library are needed. It's a good idea to have AU3.00 installed when programing ASM on its own calc :)

    And now as92 also supports macros, with a syntax really close to the one used in a68k.

    As92 works on AMS 2.03 but the way error messages are returned is different (check the documentation) so you still can download the old version if you prefer.

Click here to read the complete documentation in html format.

as92_1.jpg (9906 octets)

as92_2.jpg (8327 octets)

The "perfect" IDE (Integrated Development Environment) !

Example of how to integrate as92 into a basic program. Note that it is a function (Func) here, so that messages can be displayed.

  • Ported to AMS 2.03 and MACROS added
  • Translated error messages

  • First public release
  • Development and beta versions

DBA 1999