Archive utility 3.00

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NOTE: This is a preversion that doesn't include inst9215.9xz (For TI92 ROM 1.05) and if you get a message telling you your TI does not have a compatible boot version do not mail us : we know.

    This utility allows you to manage your archives. The most interesting use is that you can recover ALL your archives after a CRASH or a RESET !! You know, sometimes it happens :)
    AU3 was *entirely* rewritten since AU2. It's more complete, more stable and it is interface in a better way with the TIOS.
    Maybe it will be the last major update of Archive Utility since TI seems to realize, at last, that recovering archives is usefull. Actually, AMS2.00 available in october 1999 will include an Archive Recovery utility :) Funny, isn't it ?

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AU31.gif (1729 octets) AU36.gif (4150 octets) AU32.gif (2430 octets)
AU33.gif (2623 octets) AU35.gif (1355 octets) AU34.gif (2853 octets)

ScreenShots taken with Tiger.




  • Archive Utility 3.00 for TI92+ and TI89 with any boot version.
  • Redesigned the interface
  • You can change the password
  • Undelete utility added: Recover older file archived then unarchived.
  • New FAT format; Incompatibility w/ older version of Archive Utility.



  • Archive Utility 2.00 for TI92+ and TI89 with any boot version.
  • This is an early release to permit TI89/92+ owner to use this great utility. However, "early" does NOT mean *buggy* !
  • Installation on the calc (no computer needed) !
  • Password implemented
/11/1998 v1.00
  • Archive Utility 1.00. First public release.
  • It works with ROM 1.00 and ROM 1.01 version with BOOT 1.01 Build 7 *ONLY*.
  • Installation from a computer.

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