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It is NOT perfect, so don't write us to complain about GFX bug, thx u!
It is compatible with the old linelib.
To run the demos:
U need Doorsos (compiled w/ 0.98)
Just copy to your calc/emulator the *heart* of the demo: engine.9xz and fglib.9xz.
Then copy to your calc/emulator the example you want to see, i.e: cone.9xz, helix.9xz, wipe.9xz,...
It *could* crash your calc so.... do what u need before running it :)

To use Convert.exe or Convert2.exe: Convert randomize the color of each triangle whereas Convert2 used 4 files; One for each color, i.e: Black, Grey2, Grey1, White. We will recommend you to use the batch files (.bat) convr.bat (random) and conv.bat; Usage:

  • convr <file.asc> <factor>
  • conv <file.asc> <factor>, where it exists 4 files named: <file>Black.asc, <file>Grey2.asc, <file>Grey1.asc, <file>White.asc

Take a look at the examples.

You need a lot of free memory to run it properly, just archive everything. If you encoutered key problem on TI89, drop us a mail.


Function TI92P TI89
Switch Mode + (-)
Change Mode MODE 9
Zoom In O 6
Zoom Out L 3
Rotation: X+/X- 1/4 1/2
Rotation: Y+/Y- 2/5 4/5
Rotation: Z+/Z- 3/6 7/8
Exit ESC Backspace


Plane89_0.5.gif (114369 bytes)
DBAdemo0.5.gif (248318 bytes) PlaneDemo0.4.gif (39086 bytes)
03/24/2001 v0.56
  • Updated 3DLib Demo to revision 0.56: Fixed a small perspective bug.
12/30/2000 v0.55
  • Rewrote the utility Convert. It's easier now tto choose the color of every triangle.
12/20/2000 v0.5
  • Ported to TI89
  • Added dummy and useless scrolling text
12/15/2000 v0.4
  • Release of 3DLib demo v0.4
  • Optimized the code
10/11/2000 v0.4
  • First screenshot of 3DLib demo v0.4: Gray level added.
06/09/2000 v0.3
  • A bug was still remaining in the recursive algorithm of QuickSort. Should be fixed by now... :)
  • A little bit slower maybe... :(
  • New keys; R and F, Zoom IN/OUT.
  • All the sources released in the package !!.
  • Gray level planed for fglib.
03/25/2000 v0.1a
  • Fixed a silly bug in engine.
  • Renamed linelib to FGLib.
03/24/2000 v0.1
  • Still some GFX bugs in the new linelib

Antoine JALABERT a.jalabert@ifrance.com