External Matricial Keyboard

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This is a little device that lets you control your calc by connecting an external matricial keyboard ! It needs no driver on the calc ! It uses the Remote Control mode supported on the TI89 and TI92/92+. It was originally designed for the TI89, but it will work on a TI92(+). Power is supplied by a 9V or a pack of 4 R6 batteries. The main idea of this device is to be as cheap as possible and to be functionnal. The Kbd is 28x13x1.5 cm.



If you need complementaries information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Here are some pictures of the new version of the PCB. You can download them along with the new version of the schematics in the package we made (clic Download ! at the top of this page).

PCBTop.gif (59169 octets)

Keyboard.gif (20515 octets) PCBBottom.gif (65273 octets)
  • The KBD will no longer be sold
12/10/2000 version 0.3
  • Added instructions for building your DBA Kbd
  • Added documentation
  • Added keys equivalences
10/25/2000 version 0.3
  • Final design
  • Much better looking
  • Works perfectly
  • OrCAD files included in the package
  • Instructions for building DBA Kbd are coming...
06/11/2000 version 0.1
  • New prototype works
  • This is NOT the final design
06/25-30/1999 Beta0.2
  • Implemented all the code.
  • Hardware is ok.

Antoine JALABERT a.jalabert@ifrance.com

Frederic JOUAULT frederic@jouault.com