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    DB92 is THE tool that helps you *a lot* when programing. It was originally written by Tleilax. It features a powerfull debugger with a disassembler, support for symbolic debugging, an hexadecimal memory viewer, a graphical memory viewer, a registers dumper, list of handles, ROM calls, the ability to put break points, and more! It is written in ASM68k and it is DoorsOS compatible program.

    Its symbolic debugging is really powerfull. For example, to develop AU3.00 installed in ROM we used DB92 and Tiger (Actually, the emulator VTI doesn't seems to work well with archives memory). It resulted from this a significant gain of time and a debugging part  easier. Tleilax, the original author, made a *fantastic* job. When he decided to retired from the TI scene, we ported its debugger to the 92+ and 89 format and we added some features.

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db92_2.gif (2601 octets) db92_1.gif (2875 octets)


db92_3.gif (1629 octets)

db92_4.gif (1297 octets)

/07/1999 v 0.9.0
  • fixed bugs, added features, added bugs.
Newest version by DBA
v 0.7.1
  • fixed bugs, added features


v 0.2.1
  • fixed bugs, added features
v 0.1.3
  • fixed bugs, added features
v 0.1.2
  • fixed bugs, added features
v 0.1.1
  • first public release


DBA 1999