128Kb Memory Upgrade

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   This is a 128Kbytes memory extension that you plug behind your TI92. It will be easy to install it on TI92 with internal ROM (1-11i and 1-12i), but you'll need to adapt it to external ROM. Find out more informations on the TI92 on our Mapped Devices in Memory

   This module is based on the reserch made on Jean-Jacques MICHEL's page. Check his homepage to understand how it works. I'll add these informations on the site later.

At the present time, i haven't found my Pspice file of this. But remember that the distance beetween two pins connector is 2mm. The SRAM has to be solder on the SOLDER side of the PCB. Check out the pic (bad quality...) to understand what i mean. There is also 4 straps to solder (in RED on the schematic). Just change the RGB color set to make disapear the strap.

Shematics and explanations are coming soon !!!

SmallMULayout.jpg (19237 octets)

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07- 08/1998 Final
  • Fully fonctional 128Kbytes memory upgrade

DBA 1999