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    You've just reached the DBA HomePage, home of Archive Utility, AS92, RealTimeClock and much more ! This site is dedicated to programing and to algorithmic in some languages such as C, C++, 68k, PIC... Our development platform are the Texas Instruments calculators TI92, TI92+, TI89, and the good old PC! Feel free to visit our projects'page, an amazing amount of informations on most of our projects is available! You can also take a look at the Old news, the download section and check out what is DBA...!

Latest news

April 2003


You’re not going to believe it ! Some updates !

Btw, if someone wants to spend some time to make this site look a bit better, he’s very welcome. Please contact me if you’re interested.

·        New screenshot from 3Dlib 0.6: Fixed lots of small bugs, implemented 2D clipping. Full sources and programs near to come…


March 2001


·        Updated 3DLib Demo to revision 0.56: Fixed a small perspective bug.

February 2001


·        Updated the KBD project: This project will no longer be sold.

·        New site map en search option at the top of the pages.


Enjoy the site!

We thank ticalc as well for becoming our new host.
We'd like to thank Niklas Brunlid for having hosted THE DBA WEB SITE until it has been hosted by ticalc. Check out the amazing project of Niklas on his home page.


Fred and KTy




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