DBA supports	;)
    *   SUPERCAR II v0.91X  by Antoine JALABERT for TI92, TI92+, TI89    *
					Original author: Th.FERNIQUE
							 See History
Just need libraries: USERLIB (FLIB for fargoII) and HUFFLIB .
You need about 0 bytes free (!) to execute the prgm (or much more if your track is bigger than 15Ko), and ~19Ko to store it.
It has been tested on ROMs; 
1.00 and 1.01 so i think it is ok, but report me every big bug u find out...
- This program is whole original, and is not an update from the previous uploaded version of MegaCar (by TLP). Supercar is still under development by me (Kty). 
Anyway, because the editor of Thomas is quite cool, tracks of MegaCar are fully compatible with SuperCar. So feel free to create your own tracks with Thomas's editor, and have fun !
The Game : drive a car on a circuit !!
*During the menu selection*:
Should be intuitive, when u have "..." press enter, else it is left, right, up and down.
*ONE* Player mode:
Use the right-left keypad to turn
F5 to acceleratet'
F2 for brakes
*TWO* Player mode 
Player 1: F5, F2, W, Z
Player 2: 9, *, Pad up and down
*Both Mode*
P	Pause the game, press Enter to resume
	in this menu, u can:
	 + & - ; change contrast
	left and right; change Delayvar value (to accelerate for calc more slow)    
	up and down; Change the number of "gear"
	diamond(Shift for TI89) + up and down; Change the angle to turn. 	NOTA: this change will be active only after having driving in the grass one time...!
	NOTA2: Be careful, with those changes u can surely crash the calc if u put something like 1256 gears or ....Change carefully and tell me what are for u the best choices. Thx.
	NOTA3: I recommend changing only delayvar, it accelerate *great*
The car is not easy to control, and reactions aren't (yet) too much real, but trust me, u can drive a lap at full speed, it's difficult, but that's fun; In class, competition for the best time is getting very hard...
I decided to release EVERYTHING i have with every new prgm; The source, bitmaps, header, *.bin,... etc; I'm doing this because i'd like to see programmers to do so... It's easy for newbies to understand, and i learned (and still continu to learn), reading sources... I know that it's a lot of time spent in programming.... :)
 I started programming ASM68k with this prog, and if u see the history below u can see that it is now for a while (like more than 1 year). Because of this, now when i read the source i have to say that it is *very* bad programmed... Anyway i hope this can help understanding ASM ;)

One Player mode:
Just drive the fastest u can on each circuit... Try to get the best Time!
[Try new level of difficulty; the last one is VERY difficult in One player mode. The second one is a good one...]
All tracks are external, and are compatible with MegaCar.
Two Player Split Screen mode:
Let's have some fun! 
[2 modes; the normal one, and the Destruct░Derby one.]
In the first one, just compit with another person on the track, no real goal... Remember that u can be slow down by the "grass" of the track and the other car...
Temporary removed
[In the DD mode, every car has a number of "life" points(or whatever u call it), and if u come down to 0 pts: U loose. How do i loose ? Well, u have to imagine that the pixel that is test, in this mode, to see if you are off the track or near the other car, is the one which is just behind U....!! So u have to drive fast and safe if u don't want the other car to kick your ass, or if u don't want to go out of the track....!!  :)]
Two Player Link Mode:
Let's have more fun ! To play in that mode u need 2 calcs and a TI-TI cable(...). Launch the game and;
 !!! There is a chronologie for actions !!! (it changes since sup205p)
(1). If you are the "Slave" Player, just Choose "Wainting 2Plrs"  then GO +enter BEFORE that the Master had selected a track ...
(2). If you are the "Master" Player, just select "2Plrs Link" .
You both need to have the same track in your calc, but it doesn't matter in wich directory.
If u want the "network" to work fine just do (1) THEN (2), not the reverse .
I have tried the game between 2 TI92 with 256 Ko and it worked fine.
If u have a "normal" TI92 and a fastest one (TI92II, TI92E, turboed) just follow this:
In order to have the 2 calcs running at the same speed, u'll need to put the fastest calc in "Slave" mode. So, TI92II, TI92E and calc that have 256Ko need to be in "Slave" mode: Choose "Waiting xPlrs" when it is necessary.
Four Player Link Mode:
It is just like a 2players game on one calc, except that u have here two calc linked.
Slave: Choose "Waiting 4Plrs" then GO then enter.
Master: Select "4plrs Link" then GO then enter.
They are still some gfx bugs, but nothing really nasty.

That's all... I hope u enjoy it !!

SupercarII v0.91x; - Remove a bug that made the calc crached under DoorOS 
		   - Improve the link connection. Normally u *shouldn't*
		     have problem now, but...!
		   - Added "Flag" like in megacar, it doesn't work well in 2 
		     players mode, but i'm too tired to change it ... :)

SupercarII v0.9x; - Three version for, TI92, TI92+, IT89
xx/12/1998	  - Busy, busy, busy.
xx/1-3/1999 	  - TI-Os windows like ! Nice (and source include...)
		  - Select FIVE <> cars !
		  - Remove another fxxxxxg bug; the privilege violation one
		  - Rewrote part of the code and separate some files.
		  - Option dialog box not yet fonctional; again this version is not a *real* release... But i don't have time.
		  - ~19Ko
SupercarII v0.6+; - Compiled with the new PlusShell 1.0a
xx/10-11/1998	  - I'm VERY busy !!
		  - This version is a pre-release; I'd like to add 2 or 3 more stuffs but it could take me like 2-3 months !!!
		  - Added nbr of laps to go.
		  - All tracks are external and compatable with MegaCar :))
		  - The link mode is *NOT* compatable with the older version
		  - Fixed some bugs... Improved some stuff
		  - New car: Imagine it's a Porsche... :)
		  - 14821 bytes.

SupercarII v0.51+;- Ported to PlusShell
29/09/1998	  - Circuit#1 is changed
		  - I could change the other tracks if u want...
		  - In the next release, i'll add the compatibility with Megacar tracks...easy, n'est-ce pas Thomas ? :)
		  - The link mode works great between 2 92+ but it also works between a 92 and a 92+...
		  - 18897 bytes...Because of PlusShell :)
SupercarII v0.5;  - Improved some code
02/09/98	  - A FULL PLAYABLE Two Player Link mode is added. :))
		  - I tried to convert it to PlusShell but i get pbs with the # of handles (prgmIO and Graph handles)
		  - I'm working on new circuits algorithm
		  - I CAN'T change for now the circuit #1; I'll do it in a week.
		  - Rewrite the "TO DO" section
		  - The game is COOOL !
		  - 15714 bytes.

SupercarII v0.4;   - No major improvment.
around June-July/98- Fixed some bug
		   - Counter of lap added, this version isn't too much finished... :( I'll do it soon !
		   - U don't need to have some memory free to execute the game; Tracks are decompressed at the begining (Or the end...) of the stack.... So I DON'T REALLY KNOW IF IT WILL WORK WITH TI92II....! It works with my ROM 1.2 with 256ko (Yes sir...), but tell me if u got a TI92II.
		   - Some stuff with gfx
		   - Use my idea of "flip-miror operation" to save memory.
		   - Stuff that i don't remember... oh yeah, i worked with the link port but... nothing really interesting ! Plz help; i need to send and receive in "full-dupleix".... is it possible ??
		   - 14560 bytes.
		   - I will change circuits soon... yes, yes, i'll do it.
		   - The "noise" u see at the top of the screen is just x and y of the car !

SupercarII v0.3;- (I didn't released the 0.2 version)
22/05/98	- Cars looks like CARS...!
		- Improve Speedometer (Very nice, i think...), in fact it is the Rp/m.... :)
		- New options for the Split-Mode; DD: Destruction Derby (Yea!!), and reverse mode for the start (U'll understand...)
		- I use the compression but with 32 sprites and 32 masks...Hum, this is huge! However, i have an idea; Compress the 4 first sprites and get the other one by miror and flip operations... Same thing for the masks.
		- So...rry; 15227 bytes :■
		- The Graph and the prgmIO handlle are used for the uncompression... i think u don't mind...
		- Modified the collision algorithm: The pixel that is tested is just ahead of the car. (Or behind for the DD mode)
		- Added a loop that slow down TI92II or(and) boosted calc (Like mine... :))
		- Remove the CLEAR key
		- Level and points for DDmode can be change...
		- Other stuff...
		- I will change circuits soon...

SupercarI  v1.0;- New Speedometer algorithm (Nice...)
22/05/98        - Nice draw for the car (But big size... :(  )
		- Remove the CLEAR key
		- Added a loop that slow down TI92II or(and) boosted calc 		(Like mine... :))
		- 11366 bytes...(Yea, i know...)

SupercarII v0.1;- U got it! This is the new version of Supercar 6.8 
04/05/98        - New version will be known, normally, as SupercarII vx.x
		- New features same as Supercar I v0.9
		- 11129 bytes .

Supercar I v0.9;- In fact, this is the evolution of the 6.7 version.
04/05/98        - His name will be SUPERCAR I v1.x when i decided to check out the speedometer algoritm...
		- Now, when u load a circuit, the screen is "clean", no more nasty stuff..., but keep in mind that i have to decompress the image, and the track. After that, i have to decompress once again the track because of our track algoritm compression... U have to realise that all this is about 11248 bytes... So sorry for the little loading time...
		- 8722 bytes... i think that's ok... :)

Supercar 6.8;   - 11114 bytes, ... hum, pretty cool anyway...
03/05/98        - Added a fully fonctional TWO Player SPLIT SCREEN mode!!! 		:)) 
		 There isn't a real goal (for now), but that's FUN...!
		- 2 different "car-ball"...!!
		- The Speedometer still sucks..., sorry.
		- Same as Supercar 6.7
		- If there isn't to many bug, i could consider Supercar 6.7 as a final release (Supercar v1.0), then Supercar 6.8 and higher version would be known as SupercarII v1.x Beta... I'm doing this because the 6.7 version is fully fonctional and less big than the 6.8 ...

Supercar 6.7;   - 8707 bytes...coool!
01/05/98        - The 2 player link mode is temporaly removed because it is useless  (But it wasn't buggy...) 
		- Bug that cause a crash (Adress error) in the circuit n°3 was removed (But i need confirmation)
		- The car is now a propulsion...!! Well, u'd be able to see the difference if u compare with the old version of supercar...
		- Still compression, but u can now save your BestTimes :)
		- Now, when u hold the pad when the car is stopped, the car turns around...
		- Fix a silly bug that crash the calc if u had the idea of pushing ESC in the circuit menu...!
		- The speedometer sucks... :(

Supercar 6.6;   - 9041 bytes...Ahhhhhhh... :)
19/04/98        - COMPRESSION, using hufflib: BUT little pb; I have to change some stuff because best times are inclued in circuits...                	So Best times in all circuits can't be saved... Sorry, i'll try to fix it soon, but i have very little time to program... :((((
		- Also, when u load a circuit, u'll see bad things in the screen; That's UGLY, i know, but that way i can extract circuit and bitmap without creating new handdles... Check the source...
		- Same as v6.5

Supercar 6.5;   - 10936 bytes....oupsss
19/04/98        - U can change the contrast while running the game
		- NO improvment about the link-game; HELP!
		- Added a "speedometer", but the drawing isn't very good (Check the commande.bmp)

Supercar 6.4;  
.../04/98       - For Fargo II
		- New main menu
		- 3 cool circuits...
		- 10816 bytes...Tooooo!
		- Added acceleration, rotation visible,...
		- A nice draw in the right part
		- 2 Link player in PRE-ALPHA STAGE (don't be to happy...), one calculator waits for the other one to syncronize and that's all (Thx jimmy Mardell...:))....sorry, but if someone wants to help... I need to send througt the link port, the x and y coordonates and the angle, this is 1 word and two bytes...hum, my pb is to syncronize perfectly the two calcs, because i'll need to make 3 tios::transmit, and of course 3 tios::receive,  i'd like to know if it's possible to send via the red wire and to receive with the white one..., like both at the same time ? 
			How works Fterm...? Another solution is to compress the data, but i thought u can only send bytes with the routines..., am i right ? Masters of Link Transmission, i'm waiting for your answers...!!
		- added new sections to the supercar.txt
@@@@@ Newer version by Antoine JALABERT ~ Kty   <kty@mailcity.com> @@@@@@@
Supercar v0.1;  - first release (2nd i think...)
		- 3415 bytes
		- by TLP

- idea ??
- Rewrite the whole code clearly and optimise... it has to be done... :)
- Redraw the interface, and make some options like delayvar option... (nearly finish) DONE
- Test a possible 4 players mode.(i tried... it'll be hard... but it could be done) DONE
- Port it to the 89 (not to much hard); The link mode will also work ! I need time to do it, but i'm going to hurry up!  DONE
- Select different cars  DONE
- Port it to 92 for fargoII... :)  DONE
- Make "plug'in" circuits... (Hum....Megacar's tracks... :)) DONE
- Make a link mode... (I'm thinking about it...)   DONE
- Change gfx  DONE		
- Make a 2 player split-screen mode  DONE
- Change circuit algorithm   

	********** ENJOY THE GAME !!!!!!!!!!!***********
 No nasty bug that could crash your calc, BUT;
 -This is a huge one; English, as u see, is not my native language, so excuse bad spelling&stuff. Thx!!!
 -Tiny GFX bugs in 2 & 4 Players mode link.
 - Some bugs are undiscovered :)

The distribution of this Zip pack is encouraged as long as all the files are kept together; that's all. Feel free to put it on your web page, ftp, or CD,... etc, just send me an e-mail if u don't mind :)
*Fargo; David Ellsworth... naturally; PlusShell; Rusty; DoorsOS.
*IKI; For the original game on HP48
*Tleilax for his excellent db92....( The more i use it the more i LOVE it...!)
*DBA (Deep Brain Activity: Kty and Fred) for porting DB92 to plusshell, the near to come DB89, and of course the wonderfull Archive Utility 2.00... ;))
*Of course; Thomas FERNIQUE for the wonderfulls Falldown, Jezzball, and the begining of this game....;)
*Richard Perdriau, pour Úcouter, et rÚpondre sans montrer son irritation, Ó toutes mes petites questions sur le 68000.... :)
*LCI (Fly, Key, Bush, Nico, Olivier...), Le Club Info 98 de l'ESEO pour me suporter, dans les 2 sens !!!!!!! :)
*Gerard Chatry to help me with the link protocol
*The staff at ticalc.org and the TICommunity
*... YeanYean pour lui faire plaisir :)
**SPECIAL NO THX TO...: Texas Instruments for releasing the promised informations on their calc that can't be used: We got ROM_CALL but we don't have parameters AND officialy we aren't allowed to disassemble the code, this is reverse ingenering (sort of). So now, we are waiting for the promised SDK......**
	E-mail me for feedbacks,... greetings,...etc :))
DBA; Deep Brain Activity  Kty&Fred