April 2003



You’re not going to believe it ! Some updates !

Btw, if someone wants to spend some time to make this site look a bit better, he’s very welcome. Please contact me if you’re interested.

·        New screenshot from 3Dlib 0.6: Fixed lots of small bugs, implemented 2D clipping. Full sources and programs near to come…



March 2001


·        Updated 3DLib Demo to revision 0.56: Fixed a small perspective bug.

February 2001


·        Updated the KBD project: This project will no longer be sold.

·        New site map en search option at the top of the pages.

December 2000


·        New "News of this month" in the HomePage

·        New screenshot of 3DLib Demo v0.5, and key mapping for both TI92P/89


·        Productive indeed: Ported 3DLib Demo to TI89 and its revision number to v0.5, download it in the same package as for TI92PLUS.


·        Wahou!! Vacations are coming :)

·        3DLib demo v0.4 release, at least ! Graylevel added (impressive...:)) Optimized the code, flight for it here ! If someone could use fglib in a game or a prgm we would greatly appreciate...even if it's hard to interface it. It's been *a lot* of work :P


·        Fixed a deadline for booking a DBA Kbd: It will be the 31 of Decembre 2000. Hurry to get one :)

November 2000


·        Updated the RTC72423 shematic and its package, there were errors... :) You can still download it here.


·        Finally, updated the project of the RTC72423.Take a look at its page on the project page.


·        It's nearly Xmas... You're looking for the *perfect* gift for your girlfriend ? DBA gots the solutions: Offer her a wonderfull DBA KBD :)) Check it through the project page and drop us a mail to Fred or KTy.

·        External Kbd page updated.

·        3DLib is still on its way.

October 2000


·        Updated the package of the DBA Keyboard, feel free to grabe it, here. This project is over :) Any question ? Ask us.

·        New screenchot of the future version of 3DLib (FGLib + engine)...As you can see, gray level has been implemented :) By the way, does anyone have a fast routine to fill triangle ? It is to compare with our code...

Septembre 2000


·        The kbd project is almost finished ! Check out its project page.


·        We made a package named DBALink that you can download here. It contains the programs we wrote to deal with TIBs and Flash Apps.

June 2000


·        3DLib demo updated to version 0.3: Bugs fixed in engine, added zoom in/out keys, engine sources released.

·        DBA keyboard section updated: New schematic and pictures.


·        Our site has eventually been updated. You should have a look at those sections : 3DLib, PICDebugger, 2DFFT...

·        The animated gif on this news page are now in the 3DLib section and we only kept one frame per show here.

May 2000


·        A pre-version of our PICDebugger is downloadable here. To run it, just type "java -jar PICDebugger.jar". I do not know exactly which version of the JDK you need to run it, but you should try with the last one anyway :-D

April 2000


·        You can have a look at a pre-version of our PIC16F84 Debugger here.


·        AS92 has been ported to AMS 2.03 (some changes have been done, check the documentation on the project page->as92 or in the zipfile) and now supports MACROs :).

March 2000



·         Here is a new release of 3D Lib ! Have a look at the screenshots below.

·         BTW, this page is getting longer and longer to download :(. We should open a new project section to put all these screenshots. Be patient :).

DBAdemo.gif (2536 octets)

SphereDemo.gif (2372 octets)


·        A first release of the 3D program you've seen in action below is here !


·        We have not released all the documentation about the hardware, but we are very busy right now... Check this page as often as you can :-)

·        The external keyboard has been entirely redesigned and it works.

·        This page has not been updated for a long time... But we are working ! Have a look at these pictures :

demo2.gif (1865 octets)

demo3.gif (1481 octets)

December 1999


·        A new RTC has been mapped, check out its section.

November 1999


·        The DBA WebSite is now hosted by ticalc.

·        AU3's page has been updated so that the people who encounter problems with the "incompatible boot sector" message won't mail us any more (we know this problem and over 40 persons have reported it to us).

·        VI92's documentation is still incomplete and the shematics of our hardware projects are not yet on-line (sorry).

October 1999


·        DB92 has been released. Added a link to a zip file for the clock project.


·        The site has been eventually uploaded to the WorldWideWeb !

August 1999


·        This site has just been created ! Since it is the very first time that you can travel through it, there are *major* updates :)