DBA is our 'team' name, it stands for Deep Brain Activity :)

    We are two students in school engineering in France (ESEO - Ecole Supérieur d'Electronique de l'Ouest). We are interested in programming in assembly (68000, PIC, ...) or other language such as C/C++ or Pascal. Our development platforms are very specific since they are Texas Instruments calculators such as TI92/92+/89. But we of course interface all that with the good old PC !

    Moreover we both think that the more interesting way to program is to program for a specific hardware . So we always think about any hardware enhancement for our tiny calc; For example we've made an external matricial keyboard drived by a PIC, or more recently, we just mapped a MUX Real Time Clock into our TI92 ! For us it is not only programing, it's programing for the hardware we've made :)

If you want to contact us:
Use the assembly92/89 list at ticalc.org

Fred frederic@jouault.com ICQ # 33467465
Kty a.jalabert@ifrance.com ICQ # 45376616

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